The abc of search engine optimization

Google pops up in my brain the minute someone close says ‘Search.’ It’s difficult now to imagine when Google was not near. Google has become the synonym of search.

Penguin and Panda were its most talked about upgrades to rank websites on its search pages. On the other hand, the entire scenario has transformed since the fowl, Hummingbird was brought out by it.

Hummingbird is not an update; it is a complete overhaul of its search engine system. Quite simply, Google looks at sites with new eyes and penetrations. Now this can be extremely important for the website owners and those in the company of SEO.

Smart SEO companies, seo byrå – klicka här, need to reassess their tools and technologies they were using for all these years to push upwards websites on the ladder of search pages. Above all, they have to keep their principles right. Once I say principles, I mean fresh, high-quality content and printing them on useful sites.

The content was the king, and now it’s going to come the strong. Content Writers should ask themselves a few questions before they touch their computer keyboards and draft copies for his or her customers’ sites: who’s the audience for the site/company? What are they struggling with and how could I come up with remedies for those difficulties through my content?


picture - google

The smartphone users who often search through voice searches on their phones are additionally targeted by Hummingbird. As a matter of fact, voice searches have a tendency to be nonchalant than searches which are made using laptops or desktops. So make it and the writers also must keep this insight in your mind while drafting copies for a site search engine and user-friendly.

The search engine has evolved from an infant to an adult since it came into existence. As time goes on, it really is aspiring to become an intelligent and caring search partner of on-line searchers worldwide. It has already started taking note of your previous searches to develop the most relevant answers to your own queries. Shortly, it may develop a number of new features for a considerably better search experience for its users.